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    Worldwide Air Freight Services

    We are direct booking, registration and sales agents of cargo packages on international flights of leading airlines.

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    Our company is able to offer you a wide range of transportation and escort services. You make one call, and we will be happy to provide you with air and surface freight services. Our services include:

    By modern standards, air freight shipping is usually categorized according to the type of item, destination and transportation type, as:

    • General air freight shipping, i.e. transportation that involves one consigner (the owner of the goods being transported) and a specific destination.
    • Additional air freight shipping, i.e. transportation that involves the use of free transport, which goes in the same direction as the freight. This type of transportation has a clear advantage over others, due to its low cost.
    • Group air freight shipping, which is a very common way of transporting, when the goods of different consigners are formed into one shipment in a warehouse and shipped as soon as the shipment reaches the required volume.

    In addition to the above categories, there is a separate classification of special cargo (perishable, dangerous, radioactive, animals, etc.). We also successfully work with all of them.

    All air transportation and air freight shipping in particular, is regulated by a number of regulatory documents, including state regulation of aviation, aviation regulations operating at the federal level and domestic regulations for air-passengers transportation and transportation of goods.

    International air freight shipping

    International air freight shipping implies mandatory undergoing of all customs procedures. The concept of customs procedures includes both declaration of cargo and payment of all necessary fees (such payments include excise tax, value added tax, and duty). There is also the concept of indirect payments for international air freight shipping, which include fees for the issuance of licenses, a qualification certificate, storage of goods in a customs warehouse and their transportation.
    We are happy to help our customers solve any problem that may arise in the process of freight shipping. Through the course of an extended period of work in the field of intercity and air transportation, we have accumulated a broad experience. Our staff consists of professionals with more than ten years of experience in this sphere.
    Our direct agency agreements with the largest Russian airlines, as well as with a number of the largest foreign air carriers, allow us to offer our customers favorable rates for all types of shipping and for other services that we provide.

    The full list of services that we provide is as follows:

    • air freight shipping in Russia and worldwide,
    • freight shipping by all other modes of transport, both in Russia and other countries,
    • warehousing: consolidation, deconsolidation, storage of goods,
    • customs clearance of goods, both for import and export,
    • organization of freight shipping on the territory of the Russian Federation under customs control,
    • organization of shipping non-standard cargoes: oversized, heavy, perishable, requiring special storage conditions, hazardous and other special categories of goods,
    • door-to-door shipping,
    We invite you to become our partners! In turn, we guarantee high-quality services and professionalism, a unique approach, prompt deliveries and complete cargo safety.

    We are agents of airlines:

    ПАО «Аэрофлот» АО «АК «НордСтар» Lufthansa  АО «Нордавиа – региональные авиалинии» Вим-Авиа ООО «Северный Ветер» ООО «Авиакомпания «ВИМ-АВИА» АО «АК «НордСтар» Utair