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    About us

    Suppose you need affordable multimodal transportation but you do not know where you can apply for such services and how much they might cost. In this case Artis Logistics is ready to make you an offer you simply cannot refuse. We provide such services as air freight shipping and door-to-door shipping. Our specialists provide 100% control of the cargo throughout the route.
    Грузовые авиаперевозки

    It is common knowledge that air freight shipping is a time consuming process that requires full commitment. A company specializing in such services should have an extensive network of reliable partners. This forms a system that provides direct delivery of goods from any place in the world. As for the range of our services, it includes:

    • organization 
    • consolidation
    • customs clearance
    • cargo packaging
    • warehousing, etc.

    Nowadays air freight shipping has become more accessible than a few years ago due to the emergence of charter flights. "Artis Logistics" is an agent of leading airlines, such as:
    • Nordavia
    • Aeroflot
    • Vimavia
    • Orenburg Airlines
    • SCAT Airlines
    • Red Wings.

    You can find letters of recommendation from all the listed airlines on our official website to be confident of our trustworthiness.

    If you need to calculate the cost of air freight shipping our qualified staff is ready to help you. We always take into account our clients capabilities while defining the cost of air freight shipping. It allows us to find the optimal delivery method.

    Need more information? Take advantage of our consulting service. Experts will tell you everything about the terms of air freight shipping. Also you can find detailed information about the advantages of our air freight transportation on this website.

    "Artis Logistics" is a reliable partner that will never fail you.