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    Transportation by aircraft is one of the most effective methods of long distance cargo shipment. Our company provides air freight services capable of meeting the individual needs of each individual customer.

    Geographic coverage

    Air transportat is used not only on direct air routes (a run lasts no more than 2-3 days), but also in complex logistics schemes, where commodities and materials are delivered to a final buyer by other modes of transportation (truck, rail, ship). Such runs are called intermodal. They take 3-4 days on average.

    The route combination is aimed at ensuring that air freight services satisfy the interests of customers even in the most remote, hard-to-reach corners of the country. On becoming our client, you get access to a wide range of air transport services:

    • standard routes for different distances in all directions within the Russian Federation,
    • shipment to other countries,
    • shipment to other countries,

    Cargo classification

    Before drawing a shipping contract, it is necessary to categorize the cargo according to the following classification:
    • general (individual or piece products, packaged or not packaged, easily anchored on board, easily moved, carried on and off board, having no special properties, not requiring special protective measures);
    • large-sized (cargoes with the sum of the height, width and length exceeding 300 cm in total);
    • heavyweight (goods that exceed one notional cargo package with dimensions and weight within 80 kg);
    • perishable (goods requiring a special humidity, air pressure and temperature regime: live animals or plants, food, fresh editions of newspapers and magazines, biological material and other items, indicated by current legislation);
    • dangerous (goods that present a potential hazard to the surrounding people or objects during shipping: pesticides, explosive substances and mixtures, highly volatile poisonous mixtures and the like);
    • valuable (items with a declared value of 1,000 USD for 1 kilogram of weight or more).

    Acceptance of freight on board

    Our company provides delivery services in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. Upon acceptance, the freight is examined and categorized according to the transportation rules. 

    Accompanying documents must be attached. The invoice should indicate: 

    • name and category of the goods,
    • quantity of the goods,
    • measurements and description,
    • goods valuation.

    We very rarely refuse services to our clients. We make every effort to ensure that you find air freight shipment most comfortable, fast and reliable.