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    Branch office of Artis Logistics LLC in St. Petersburg: 196210, St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse, 37, building 4, room 3.037

    Branch office in St. Petersburg offers multimodal domestic transportation services – a combined transportation performed by several different modes of transport (by air, rail, sea and road)


    +7 (812) 600-24-84

    +7 (960) 283-66-79


    If you have questions regarding cargo shipping, please call (multi-channel):

    +7 (495) 971-00-13


    Rate for air freighter – is negotiable!

    Cargo with weight over 1000 kg, as well as oversized cargo – price is negotiable.


    1. Minimum paid weight is 30 kg;
    2. Minimum rate (It is calculated as follows: minimum weight multiplied by the rate specified in the column up to 50 kg);
    3. Rate is indicated for 1 kg of cargo weight shipping;
    4. The cost of air freight shipping is calculated for cargo with density not less than 167 kg / ;