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    Company "Artis-Logistics" provides international air freight shipping from Moscow airports worldwide. Today we are ready to offer shipping to 110 countries. The geography of shipments includes more than 340 destinations for more than 400 flights most of which are carried out daily. Additionally, we offer organization of insurance and customs clearance of your goods through our trusted partners who have all the necessary licenses for licensed activities. You can calculate basic shipment cost by contacting a specialist directly. We offer special conditions of cooperation for regular customers such as a postpaid system of settlements and discounts depending on actual volumes of shipped cargo.

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    Read comments for rates:
    • The cost of additional services of cargo terminals at the airports of departure and arrival is paid additionally by terminal rates;
    • Cargo insurance - 0,2% of the declared amount;
    • Heavyweight shipping (1 seat with weight over 80 kg) - price is negotiable;
    • Terminal fees for terminal handling of general cargo of MVL: VNK - 13.5 rub / 1kg, minimum weight - 10 kg; DMD - 20.00 rub / 1kg, minimum weight - 20 kg; SRM - 22.00 rub / 1kg, minimum weight 0-67 kg = 1430.00 rub .;
    •  Paid cargo weight is rounded up to a larger half-kilogram. (Example: 0.2 kg = 0.5 kg, 0.51 kg = 1.0 kg);
    •  Tariffs are indicated for the shipping of 1 kg of paid cargo weight and do not include terminal handling of cargo at departure airports;
    • Minimum paid weight may vary depending on the carrier;
    •  All tariffs and fees are indicated value-added tax (VAT) included.
    • Indicated tariffs are net tariffs and are valid for the shipping of general cargo only;
    • Shipping of heavyweight, dangerous , perishable, valuable cargo, live animals as well as shipping by urgent service is carried out by preliminary agreement with LLC Artis Logistics;;
    • Calculations for rates indicated in US dollars (USD) are made in rubles by the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment plus 2%;
    • Minimum rate is the smallest amount of payment for the cargo shipping from the point of departure to the destination regardless of its weight - gross or weight by volume;
    • Air freight shipping cost is calculated for cargo with density not less than 167 kg /m³;
    • Service fees are charged by Artis Logistics LLC In addition to the rates: for rates in rubles - 10 rubles / kg of paid weight, for rates in USD - 0.14 USD;
    • Air waybill registration fee: 1 AWB SU, S7 – 800 rub.; 1 AWB LH – 25 USD;
    • If you return the goods, you will be charged for warehousing and a consignment note;
    • Organization of customs clearance of goods (transit, export, import) costs from 13 500 rubles;
    • All rates and information published in this rate scale are not an offer in accordance with Art. 435 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and may be changed by Artis Logistics LLC at any time without prior notice.