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    Freight forwarding

    The necessity of freight forwarding

    The freight forwarding service provides a constant monitoring of a transportation process during shipping. The popularity of freight forwarding is constantly increasing. Non-standard situations happen on the road all the time and the freight forwarder quickly works out a way of solving these issues. The goods are guaranteed to be delivered safe and sound right on time.

    The work of the freight forwarder starts at the moment of loading. He reports to the customer on the current situation and acts only after the client's approval of his proposals. However, the process of freight forwarding consists not only of tracking goods on the road. The freight forwarder selects suitable containers for packing; he is engaged in marking, loading and unloading as well.

    The company providing freight forwarding services prepares all the accompanying documentation for goods. The customer doesn’t have to spend his time on paperwork and, furthermore, many clients don’t even know what the document preparation process is. Only a specialist with extensive experience in such activities is able to orient himself in miles of red tape. Downtimes and violating delivery times usually happen because of forgotten or untimely filled out paperwork.

    A contract for services is being concluded between the freight forwarding or transport company and the customer to carry out the freight forwarding process. The customer doesn't have to worry about safety of goods being shipped to the destination point.

    The freight forwarder's responsibilities

    The freight forwarder's core responsibility is a shipping of customers’ cargo from the point of loading to the destination point. The freight forwarder also solves legal problems, regulates all delivery issues and provides the process of loading and unloading, warehousing and safety of cargo on all the way and at every transitional point. He is obliged to inform the customer about cargo location at the moment and about cargo arrival in its destination point. Thus, the process of freight forwarding is a complex of operations.

    Air freight shipping in particular requires freight forwarder’s help for he is guided by foreign legislation and fully informed about all changes in it. Railway freight shipping of goods is carried out much more quickly with the freight forwarder, who is arranging an optimal scheme of the delivery route. Trucking freight forwarding consists of complex actions in transport of goods by road from cargo reception to cargo delivery including protection of cargo in course of following.